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Munich South China Electronics Show will be strongly landed in Shenzhen in October to create a high-end intelligent manufacturing platform!

Admin:Ruik-tech Date:2018-09-20

   South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo (LEAP Expo) will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from October 10 to 12. Co-hosted by MESse Munich (Shanghai) Co., LTD, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Branch and Laser Processing Committee of China Optical Society, LEAP Expo is expected to attract more than 300 well-known enterprises in the industry and more than 20,000 professional visitors in electronic manufacturing and related industries.


   LEAP Expo 2018 is a combination of Electronics Manufacturing Automation Shenzhen and Productronica South in Munich China) and Laser South China, the first "three exhibition in one" mode, The exhibition will show the cutting-edge technologies and intelligent solutions of automation and robot, electronic manufacturing intelligent solutions, electronic manufacturing and assembly, wire harness processing and connection and laser processing, and discuss the changes brought by intelligent factory and intelligent manufacturing to electronic manufacturing industry.


LEAP 2018 highlights exposed in advance




Smart factory innovation experience


   At present, driven by the action program of "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025", China's manufacturing industry is transforming and upgrading towards intelligent manufacturing. LEAP Expo will launch the "Innovation Demonstration Area of Electronic Manufacturing Smart Factory", presenting the overall solution of electronic manufacturing smart factory to audiences in different application fields. And in the scene to carry out all kinds of "static and dynamic combination" demonstration and assigned to explain. The audience will experience the whole process of the intelligent factory from the mode of intelligent material warehouse to the automatic production line under the central system monitoring, and show the real collaborative production process between the information system (MES/WMS) and intelligent warehouse, production equipment, intelligent logistics and distribution, planned production and operators.








Photo taken at Shanghai Electronics Show, Munich, March 2018)




Machine vision and automation have a strong landing


   Messe Munich (Shanghai) co., Ltd. and machine Vision Alliance jointly create machine vision and automation section. A visual feast is brewing, "intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, big data, 3D vision, VR technology, robot vision, intelligent factory" and other phenomenon products are on stage, which is a perfect fit between automation and visual technology. Industry famous brand group with the latest machine vision products, including light source, lens, vision sensor, camera/intelligent camera, 3D vision detection, image acquisition card, image processing hardware/software and system, industrial communication system, detection platform/system, robot vision, intelligent stereo imaging, unmanned automatic inspection, Intelligent factory solutions such as process optimization, as well as a variety of customized application solutions are presented. The forum is wonderful, industry leaders analyze the future potential and trend of the industry. Please polish your eyes, surprise is coming!


Participating brands (part)




a21b5c939f104c32840792f07b96a9b6 (1).jpeg 


(Photo taken in March 2018 Shanghai Optical Fair, Munich)




SMT demo area upgrade, a number of dynamic production line amazing appearance

   With the increasing proportion and demand of domestic intelligent mount and assembly in the global market, this field is getting more and more attention. LEAP Expo specially designed SMT technology innovation demonstration area, IPC CFX Demo, Pu Ke Technology, intelligent plug-in line and other dynamic demonstration production lines, as well as Panasonic, Yamaha, Acctronics, Mycronic, Rehm, Hanwha, Kurtz Ersa, JUKI, Heller and other major brands will be from consumer electronics and security, military and aerospace, smart phones and automotive electronics three fields, for the audience to fully interpret the whole line of SMT solutions!




   IPC CFX Demo- after successful demonstrations in the US and Germany, it will make its debut in China for the first time. The first Demo will fully visualize the process on site, providing upstream and downstream enterprises with more advantageous solutions and a more complete end-to-end architecture. Each exhibitor participating in the production line will be presented with information transfer based on IPC CFX standards, while the audience will see two different presentations from each equipment supplier in the Demo area. One is information transfer via the CFX standard, where the equipment will provide a visual representation of operational data during manufacturing runs. The other is to capture CFX data from other devices in the production line in the front and back environment of a particular device to create a visual representation of the operational data. Huawei also provides huawei cloud service support to the production line.




   SHENZHEN GENERAL TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD SMT Demonstration Production Line -- As the leading supplier in the field of electronic manufacturing, Puke technology will join hands with LEAP to jointly hold the SMT production line display of high mixing, high reliability and super wide process window at the exhibition site. Will jointly shenzhen their technology co., LTD., Michael Connie electronic equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD, suzhou high face detection technology co., LTD., Kurt Mr Sally Asia co., LTD., wei as trade (Shanghai) co., LTD., show the industry's most advanced manufacturing and testing technology, to provide the "future factory" systemic solutions and value-added services.




   Intelligent plug-in production Line - Although SMT is becoming more and more widely used, assembly of plug-in devices and special-shaped devices is particularly important in automotive electronics manufacturing processes. How to realize the orderly, intelligent and digital production of these devices is a thorny problem to be solved. At LEAP, there will be a total plug-in solution, which has the following advantages: Plug-in unit assembly process by new intelligent workstation to replace traditional plugin workbench, AOI system help achieve an overall inspection device ensure the quality of the exhibits, selective wave soldering welding technology, digital software system reliability to save all the process data to help users to achieve quality tracking, to further improve the manufacturing process, etc. In today's SMT production line has reached a high degree of automation and standardization, relatively speaking, the replacement of plug-in production line is also imperative. It is believed that more new inspirations and reflections will be elicited through the exhibition of many enterprises such as Ruichi Chuangtong, JUKI, Norson Select and Modus.








Deeply cultivate laser industry, create wisdom together to build the future


   Messe Munchen (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Laser Processing Committee of Chinese Optical Society are joining hands to hold LEAP Expo member exhibition: South China Laser Exhibition 2018. Exhibition will focus on laser processing market in southern China, laser processing application areas as the main sources of audience, for the majority of south China laser processing of potential users with personalized products and industry solutions, and gradually developed into the enterprise to develop south China laser application platform of the market, to explore more suitable for the manufacturing and technology upgrade solution, To promote the development of laser industry and related application industry.


Participating brands (part)





Opportunities and challenges of wire harness processing, TOP enterprises to answer


   The Chinese market has become the growth engine of the global wiring harness industry. With the rise of new energy vehicles, the process upgrading of consumer electronics, and the continuous upgrading of automation equipment, the wiring harness industry is also facing new opportunities and challenges. The industry's TOP wire harness processing enterprise group with new products and the best solution appeared at the exhibition site.


   Kumax Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will bring fully automatic Kappa series products, MIRA340 wire stripper and Mira230/230Q wire stripper to the exhibition. Jiaxing Junquan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. will also bring new products such as JQ-8 automatic terminal crimping machine, ZDBX-40 automatic new energy large-diameter cable stripper, semi-automatic waterproof bolt machine and tubular terminal crimping machine to the exhibition wiring harness processing zone. At the same time, other participating brands will also show their talents, with mainstream products and solutions to meet the different needs of downstream users!


Participating brands (part)






More exciting activities, so that you participate in the exhibition to maximize the benefits


   A number of industry summit forums full of dry goods will also appear at LEAP Expo at the same time, bringing users all-round harvest of products, technology, communication and so on. The forum will bring together: Shenzhen International Intelligent Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Summit forum, Shenzhen International Advanced Automotive Electronics and Manufacturing Technology Innovation Forum, Shenzhen International Advanced Wiring Harness Processing and Connection Technology Forum, IPC CFX Conference, International Advanced Laser Innovation Technology Forum, South China Laser Processing application Market Summit Forum, National Laser safety Training.




(Photo taken at Shanghai Electronics Show, Munich, March 2018)


   In addition to that, More from automation, surface-mount technology, wiring harness processing, dispensing technology, laser manufacturing and high-end equipment, advanced light source, detection technology, welding technology, cleaning, printing, assembly assembly, ICT, FCT has grown detection, plug-in equipment, logistics, warehousing, materials, packaging, anti-static/clean room and MES software and other related businesses at the exhibition. It aims to create a professional, high-quality and efficient exhibition covering electronic manufacturing and assembly, intelligent manufacturing solutions and advanced laser processing technology, helping enterprises upgrade from traditional OEM factories to intelligent and automated "smart factories".


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