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An interview with LEAP Expo 2019 | SHENZHEN GENERAL TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD, director of Bruce Lau

Admin:Ruik-tech Date:2019-11-20

In 2019, for the electronics manufacturing industry, there are a number of manufacturers who defy the trend to surprise us, even in the first three quarters of the same period increased by more than 30%, among which SMT line equipment manufacturer SHENZHEN GENERAL TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD






t LEAP Expo 2019, Shenzhen Puke Technology Co., LTD. 's theme is "High reliability SMT Demonstration Production Line for 5G Era" -- including Plasmatreat Plasma cleaning equipment +Ersa printing press +KohYoung SPI+KNE Massive transfer module +Ersa Nitrogen return Furnace +Viscom ONLINE 3D X-ray Detection backup /AOXI+Universal Shaped Insert machine +Ersa Selective welding +Ersa Repair station +Viscom offline 3DX-Ray." "The Plasmatreat plasma cleaning equipment and THE KNE Massive transfer module are both on show for the first time," said Bruce Lau, sales director of Shenzhen Puke Technology Co., LTD. "KNE will bring a lot of surprises to the semiconductor industry and the SMT industry in the future."



Automotive electronics has always been their technology co., LTD. Of shenzhen's largest source of performance areas, automotive electronic due to strict safety requirements, high value-added products, high requirements for hardware equipment stability and reliability, and trustworthiness of the software system and the requirement of traceability, has always been what their technology co., LTD. Of shenzhen agent brand and equipment advantages. Plasmatreat's plasma cleaning equipment (PCB clean before bare board printing, PCBA clean before coating), Viscom's online 3D X-ray inspection equipment /AOXI, Ersa selective welding have been leading the global and Chinese automotive electronics industry and innovation. It is also worth mentioning that Universal's special type insert machine has been highly respected by the world's leading automotive electronics manufacturers and high-end communication manufacturers.

In the FIELD of 5G, 5G core products have new and higher requirements and challenges in some key SMT manufacturing and testing fields, such as accurate control of solder paste quantity, new requirements for production of large size, high-density shielding, high load, through-hole welding and online 3D X-ray detection. As we all know, precise control and selective placement of solder paste are Mycronic's strengths, online 3D X-ray inspection is Viscom's strengths, and Ersa's selective welding has long been well received by the market.

South China market has always been the base camp of electronic manufacturing industry and Shenzhen Puke Technology Co., LTD. In the future, the development of 5G communication, automotive electronics and independent high-end R&D enterprises in South China market is worth looking forward to. For the South China market, Director Weiqiang Liu is looking forward to LEAP Expo 2020, which will be moved to the new museum. He said: "Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center is likely to be shenzhen's gateway to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the future. LEAP and SHENZHEN International Convention and Exhibition Center will promote each other to a wider and deeper level. We believe that the new exhibition hall will bring better support to LEAP, exhibitors and visitors in terms of transportation, scheduling and exhibition area coordination. Shenzhen Puke Technology Co., Ltd. would like to thank LEAP for its continuous support. We wish LEAP every success and bring more wonderful surprises to the industry."

2019 South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo (LEAP Expo) was successfully concluded on October 12! Exhibition in south China, four linkage, concentrated industry elite, through intelligent manufacturing industry chain, all present intelligent automation and robotics, electronics manufacturing solutions, wiring harness processing and connection technology, dispensing glue injection equipment and materials, advanced laser application technology and processing, machine vision and application characteristics of six modules and wisdom factory link, through the industrial chain, Provide more targeted interactive communication platform for upstream and downstream enterprises.


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