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Gather industry innovation to accelerate the realization of "machine replacement" in southwest China

Admin:Ruik-tech Date:2019-04-12

   On April 11th, the 2nd China (Chongqing) Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing & Industry Expo was held in S1 Pavilion of Chongqing International Expo Center. More than 100 domestic excellent electronic intelligent equipment manufacturers and international electronic equipment manufacturers exhibited more than 500 sets of precision electronic intelligent equipment and cutting-edge equipment. The exhibition covers the middle and end of the electronic manufacturing industry chain of production equipment, from automotive, industrial, communication systems, medical, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, electric power, new energy, aerospace, rail transit and other applications of professional visitors to visit.


   At the exhibition site, the organizing committee invited experts from Japan, Singapore and domestic electronic manufacturing field to carry out "production line upgrading, production management, technical public relations" and other aspects of the "expert on-site diagnosis meeting", on the southwest area of electronic manufacturing equipment manufacturers, electronic manufacturing enterprises and relevant people on-site to answer questions. Help enterprises to find out the difficulties in daily production and transformation and guide to solve the difficulties.


   This exhibition runs through the whole electronic intelligent manufacturing industry chain, and the southwest debut of IPC CFX Demo Line (IPC Global Interconnected Factory Data Exchange Standard Demonstration Production Line) is a highlight of this exhibition. IPC CFX-2591 standard will be fully visual process on site,IPC- International Association of Electronic Industry links led a number of enterprises to jointly deduce the complete production line, in the exhibition site for real production. The exhibition was crowded with visitors, who were deeply interested in and explored the real-time data transmission feedback of the real production line of CFX Demo. The achievements obtained in the exhibition were remarkable, and the professionalism of the visitors was highly recognized by the participating enterprises.


   SHENZHEN GENERAL TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD together with several enterprises, demonstrated SMT production line with high mixing, high reliability and super wide process window. The protech demonstration production line provides systematic solutions and value-added services to the "factory of the future". The intelligent plug-in production line shows how to realize the orderly, intelligent and digital process of SMT application


   Eleven enterprises cooperate to create intelligent factory process production line, demonstrating the whole process from intelligent material warehouse mode to automatic production line under the central system monitoring, demonstrating the real collaborative production process of information system (MES/WMS) with intelligent warehouse, production equipment, intelligent logistics distribution, planned production and operators. Both smart Factory concept exhibition area and C3 Smart Factory Exhibition area, a number of SMT production lines were showcased, and the domestic and foreign equipment exhibitors were competing on the same stage, each leading the way. 950739d9af5a448ebd1c8e18fb22e6de.jpg

   Expo site also hosted the "2019" electronic intelligent manufacturing international BBS, invite domestic and foreign experts and scholars and electronic manufacturing enterprises in southwest, head of the plan for the electronic manufacturing industry development direction and strategy in dealing with future industry change, discuss electronic information technology development, new materials technology revolution and AI on the influence of electronic manufacture industry.


   On "China advanced electronic industry development summit", a group from across the country, microelectronics, electronic printing, electronic new materials and other business elites and experts to introduce participants to the development of electronic technology in revolution, shows a paper battery, printing chip, graphene material and so on new technology, make participants amazing and uplifting, It reveals a new direction in electronic manufacturing technology.

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