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China (Chongqing) Electronic Intelligent manufacturing and Industry Expo opened, more than 100 enterprises to show black technology

Admin:Ruik-tech Date:2019-04-13

   On April 11th, the second China (Chongqing) Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing and Industry Expo opened in The Expo Center, more than 100 domestic excellent electronic intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises and international electronic equipment manufacturers, with the most advanced intelligent factory "black technology" appeared.

   It is reported that the exhibition area of 10,000 square meters, there are more than 100 domestic and foreign excellent electronic intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises and international electronic equipment manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, with more than 500 sets of precision electronic intelligent equipment and sophisticated equipment. Including robot and vision system, semiconductor technology and application equipment, electronic materials, all kinds of laser equipment and other production equipment in the middle and end of the electronic manufacturing industry chain, as well as related technical services and trade services.

   Reporters saw that the expo to Chongqing and the southwest region to present a number of the latest domestic and foreign intelligent technology construction of electronic intelligent manufacturing production line. Among them, IPC brought IPC CFX Demo Line(IPC Global Connected Factory Data Exchange Standard Demonstration Production Line), and cooperated with 17 enterprises to perform a complete high-end Internet intelligent factory production Line on site, presenting a completely visualized process on site. It is reported that this is also the first show of IPC CFX Demo Line in southwest China.

   Shenzhen Puke Technology Co., LTD., together with several enterprises, demonstrated the SMT production line with high mixing, high reliability and super wide process window. "In recent years, Chongqing notebook computer, mobile phone and other electronic manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, has become the largest domestic electronic manufacturing industry cluster, we are very optimistic about this market, this exhibition, is also hoping to take the opportunity to seek cooperation." Shenzhen Puke Technology Co., Ltd. booth director said.


   The relevant person in charge of the organizing committee also said that chongqing electronic manufacturing industry after years of efforts, formed the notebook computers, mobile phones, electrical appliances, aerospace electronics, security electronics, medical electronics, smart apparel and automotive electronics and other electronic manufacturing industry pattern of all sectors, electronic manufacturing enterprises has reached more than seven thousand large and small, chongqing is promote the intelligent manufacturing of electronics manufacturing. According to the plan, by 2022, Chongqing will promote the construction of intelligent production lines of 5,000 enterprises, and the market potential of high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment is huge.

   In this exhibition, many enterprises are aiming at this market, hoping to seek cooperation, which is also the main reason why this electronic intelligent Industry Expo is held in Chongqing, hoping to build a communication platform for electronic intelligent equipment enterprises from east China, South China and foreign countries to enter Chongqing.

   It is reported that in order to assist Chongqing and southwest electronic manufacturing enterprises production to high-end intelligent transformation, to help enterprises improve technology and high-end intelligent management experience, the expo site also held the "2019 Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing International Forum", Experts and scholars at home and abroad will be invited to talk with the principals of electronic manufacturing enterprises in Southwest China about the development direction of electronic manufacturing industry and enterprises' strategies to deal with the future industrial changes, and discuss the influence of electronic information technology development, new material revolution and AI technology on electronic manufacturing industry. In addition, the expo will also be held during the "national electronics manufacturing industry welding expert competition" and other activities.

Exhibition Background:

   After years of efforts, Chongqing's electronic manufacturing industry has formed a full-field pattern of electronic manufacturing industries such as notebook computers, mobile phones, home appliances, avionics, security electronics, medical electronics, intelligent wear and automobile electronics. The number of electronic manufacturing enterprises of all sizes in Chongqing has reached more than 7,000. In particular, chongqing now accounts for nearly one third of the domestic production of mobile phones, 30 percent of the domestic production of automotive electronics, and 40 percent of the global production of notebook computers. The annual output value of electronic products in Chongqing has exceeded 670 billion YUAN, and will break through the trillion mark in 2020. Chongqing has become the largest agglomeration of electronic manufacturing industry in China.

   In addition to the rapid development of chongqing electronic manufacturing industry, guizhou, Sichuan and other provinces of rapid development of electronic manufacturing industry: a large number of domestic and foreign automotive electronics, security electronics and mobile phone manufacturing enterprises have settled in this region. Duowei, Kangjia, Mai Sui and other nearly 100 mobile phone manufacturing and smart health products manufacturing enterprises have settled in Yibin, Luzhou and other cities. The annual output value of electronic manufacturing in southwest China has exceeded 3 trillion YUAN, forming a huge industrial cluster scale and effect.

   By shenzhen terminal electronic manufacture industry association research around the southwest, the sheer scale of southwest China electronics manufacturing industry has been formed, but lack the corresponding supply, device needs one hundred billion yuan a year, the same one hundred billion yuan a year of technology market are not being met, especially the southwest each year more than five hundred electronic manufacturing equipment market of the amount of RMB one hundred million, Most of it is made up by imported equipment. There is a huge industry and huge demand, but there is no professional and effective market trading platform or exhibition to help the upstream and downstream chain of the industry to meet the demand, achieve supply and service.

Participants of this exhibition include:

   Mobile phone and electronic manufacturing enterprises, electronic contract factories, auto parts manufacturing enterprises, pen electronics manufacturing enterprises, instrument and meter manufacturers, home appliance manufacturing factories, RESEARCH and development institutions or solution providers, military enterprises, intelligent wear manufacturing and other technical services or trade services.


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