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Admin:Ruik-tech Date:2021-08-04

Best 3D detection capability

Detect all kinds of defective items

lAccording to the IPC610 standard, the 3D result value is provided. Can detect all kinds of items: missing parts, offset, rotation, 3D polarity, anti-parts, OCV/OCR, warps, side stands, stele, poor welding, etc

lProvide the best solution for all industry groups to achieve high production line productivit


Fast and intuitive programming:KY Auto programming

lQuantitative, simple and fast detection condition setting module based on 3D detection data

lMake use of simple programming, quickly and easily manage test conditions, quickly register change items


KSMART:The most advanced engineering and optimal solution for intelligent factory



Reliable 3D statistics management system

lresent the engineering status to the operator in the form of visual charts, analyze and improve the engineering defects, and maximize the equipment utilization time


OPO(office optimizer)@KSMART

Improve equipment efficiency through program fine tuning

lThrough the offline program optimization function, it can be programmed and debugged under the condition of off-line, and the information can be updated on the next PCB in real time

LM(Library Manager)@KSMART

Set user management domains

lThrough the central database, unified management program files and test files, easy to centralized use and management of multiple devices

lDifferent permissions are assigned to different users to improve production stability

lEach user's operation is automatically saved in the Log date, which is convenient to track the production history   UC截图20210805103000.png


SPI-AOI sharing solution based on 3D detection data

lSharing the test results of GAoying 3D SPI and 3D AOI (mount and weld) can diagnose and optimize printing, mount and reheating welding projects


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