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LEAP Expo 2020 is a successful conclusion, innovation and leapfrog!

Admin:Ruik-tech Date:2020-11-11

020 South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo (LEAP) is jointly organized by MESse Munchen (Shanghai) Co., LTD, Laser Processing Committee of Chinese Optical Society, Machine Vision Industry Alliance and Guangdong Circuit Board Industry Association (GPCA) Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an New Pavilion), and successfully concluded last week.



LEAP Expo is under the control of Munich South China Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition, South China Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Exhibition, VisionChina (Shenzhen) and South China Circuit Board International Trade and Procurement Exhibition jointly held by Munich South China Electronics Exhibition. The five exhibitions are linked, focusing on 5G and new infrastructure. It covers the core resources of the whole industrial chain of electronic intelligent manufacturing. The exhibition attracted more than 650 exhibitors and brands with high and new technologies and preferred solutions. The three-day exhibition attracted 38,693 visitors to witness the rapid development and integration innovation of electronic intelligent manufacturing industry.

Mr. Wang Bin Lu, CHIEF Operating Officer of Messe Munich (Shanghai) Co., LTD., said about the exhibition: "This exhibition focuses on 5G and new infrastructure to drive the new demand of the industry and promote cross-industry collaboration. Automotive electronics, Internet of things, PCB, China Chip, Bluetooth and other new themes to join the shenzhen Muzhan complete coverage of electronic intelligent manufacturing industry chain core resources. I am very happy to see the successful conclusion of the exhibition. I would like to thank all exhibitors, partners, media and industry experts for their encouragement and support since the outbreak of the epidemic. We will also provide enterprises with more valuable industry information platform and multiple forms of upstream and downstream communication platform. Let's look forward to the innovation and stride of the next LEAP!"

Strong cooperation, IPC electronics manufacturing pavilion debut

The three production lines converge again to upgrade the deductive smart factory

IPC international Electronics Industry Association has once again joined hands with Messe Munich (Shanghai) co., Ltd. to create the IPC Electronics Manufacturing Pavilion. IPC Electronics Manufacturing Pavilion brings together the 2020 IPC Manual Welding & Rework and Repair Competition National Final, standards technology Group meeting, PC standards and learning exchange area and other rich activities. Nearly 20 rich keynote speeches during the 3-day exhibition created an interactive platform for industry elites to share, communicate and learn.




Smart Factory Innovation Demonstration Area and Puke 5G high-end intelligent manufacturing exhibition area once again with YAMAHA, Ersa, Mycronic, Viscom, KohYoung, Universal, Chemical Research technology, Yu Shunli, Desen Precision, Maiwei and other well-known brands in the industry to demonstrate the development and change of smart factory. The exhibition site gathered famous enterprises such as KEYSIGHT, TRI, Yiligao, Anda, UFJ, InNOV, Youai Zhihe, Jieka, new Jinbao, Rising, Kaitai, Taihe Liquid Control, Pengke, Ximeng and so on. For communication electronics, industrial electronics, medical electronics, 3C electronics, new energy to provide optimized and targeted surface mount intelligent manufacturing and electronic assembly automation solutions.




Bruce Lau, Director of SHENZHEN GENERAL TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD.said, "We have cooperated with Messe Munich for many years and participated in the exhibition every year. This year we worked with Ersa, Mycronic, Viscom, KohYoung, Universal and many other partners to create a high-end, advanced demonstration production line. We had a great time working with the organizers. Congratulations on the successful opening of LEAP Expo in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an New Pavilion), and wish LEAP Expo a more wonderful and successful year ahead.

Chang Li, Marketing Director of Shanghai Jieka Robot Technology Co., LTD., said: "We are very grateful to LEAP Expo for building a super high quality exhibition platform for industry partners. In the first morning of this year's LEAP Expo, we have already felt the superhuman popularity of the exhibition, and we hope it will blossom in the future. At LEAP Expo 2021, the robot will continue to bring outstanding exhibits and empower customers together with upstream and downstream partners in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Gao Donglin, general manager of Shenzhen Linquan Technology Co., Ltd. mentioned: This year is a special year for the whole industry, but it is also a year full of opportunities, this year's exhibition is also to bring new expectations for the whole industry. Looking forward to LEAP Expo 2021, the big platform will surely contribute to the rise of big enterprises, and LEAP Expo 2021 will build a bridge for more enterprises to succeed!

Outstanding original factories at home and abroad lead the show

E Planet characteristic Science park construction industry blueprint

LEAP Expo joined the LEAP Expo for the first time, focusing on 5G, Internet of Things, Bluetooth technology, automotive, industrial electronics, wearable, consumer electronics, smart home and other hot technology applications, attracting high-quality buyers and elites in the industry. Stma, Bosch, Huawei, NI, Xinwang Microelectronics, Dongxin Semiconductor, NANO Micro, WAGO, SAMTEC, Oudu and other outstanding original manufacturers at home and abroad led the show, showing new products and innovative technologies.

At the same time, the e Planet featured science and technology Park presented in Shanghai exhibition will be moved to Shenzhen, and more innovative products and customized solutions will be provided for enterprises and visitors through more in-depth exchange and learning and system integration solutions display.

The Smart Travel Technology Park has become a precise and efficient communication place for the automotive industry audience, bringing together mychip, Reneng semiconductor, Juchen Semiconductor, U-Blox and other excellent automotive electronics companies.

The core China Core Science and Technology Park jointly created by The Core master will highlight the strength of excellent Chinese core enterprises such as BYD Semiconductor and Xinhai Technology by displaying more competitive and rich product lines.

The "Tesla Model 3 Disassembly Show" jointly dedicated by Munich South China Electronics Show, Coli Zhongcheng, Zhongcheng Kompass Accelerator and electronics enthusiasts became the focus of the exhibition and attracted much attention. The event brought together a number of senior technical design experts for in-depth disassembly and analysis, and cracked the research and development code of Tesla's global hot selling model on site.UC截图20211025110731.png




Junyue Wang, Automotive Electronics Manager, Market & Development Strategy, Bosch Semiconductor & Sensors China, said: "This year's CeF is the first of its kind and the exhibitors and visitors are very professional. In the process of exhibition, based on the launch plan of two new products, we will continue to participate in The South China Electronics Show in Munich next year. We also hope that more friends can pay more attention to our products and Bosch. We hope that with the help of the Platform, we can get to know the potential companies in China, and jointly develop the future of the automotive semiconductor field.

Qiu Qi, vice President of marketing and director of Tyco Tianrun Semiconductor Technology (Beijing) Co., LTD., said: Munich Electronics Show south China is very dynamic. South China is a place where power electronics industry is very concentrated, including upstream and downstream, supply chain and so on are very complete. The environment is very conducive to domestic semiconductor manufacturers, hope that more and more high-quality domestic semiconductor manufacturers can seize the opportunity. We will continue to participate in the exhibition in 2021 next year, and hope that foreign friends can also participate in next year.

Leapfrog, innovation, integration and upgrade

Precision laser processing technology helps high-tech industry "smart" manufacturing and breakthrough

South China Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Exhibition is committed to exploring the innovative application of laser in PCB, lithium, consumer electronics, microelectronics, medical and other popular fields, bringing the audience a newer and more refined platform for laser application communication. Shenzhen is located in the center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As a well-known representative city of science and innovation in China, Shenzhen is facing unprecedented historic development opportunities, which also provides a good platform for the development of laser processing industry in South China. The exhibition area of laser intelligent manufacturing and innovation is specially set up at this year's South China Laser Show, which showcases innovative applications and solutions of advanced laser processing technology in consumer electronics, PCB and microelectronics industries.

The show at the tide, fast pass, south China university of technology, coherent, prates, league win, ted, rhyme, sharp branch, China Daily, spurs, hamamatsu, lingyun, calderon, the forerunner, zhuo laser laser innovation, keyence, and many other well-known enterprises, they will precision laser processing technology combined with various industries applied science on-site demonstration, It brought a more intuitive and efficient new exhibition experience to the audience.





Lei Xiaofeng, marketing manager of Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., LTD., said: In the context of the epidemic, China should strengthen the integration with the international community, constantly promote international economic exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote the mutual benefit of the international laser industry. South China Laser Exhibition provides a rare exchange and exhibition opportunity for the mutual integration and cross-border cooperation between industries. I hope the exhibition can be better and better in the future!

Zhang Chao, electronic industry manager of Trumpf China Laser Technology Department, mentioned: The current South China Laser Show focuses on 5G, new infrastructure and other hot topics for product exhibition and demonstration, which provides a good communication platform for the industry. I hope the exhibition will be a success and I also wish the exhibition to develop in a better direction in the future.

Luxury exhibitors with "black technology" stunning scene

AI+5G visual inspection application experience area is new

Nearly 100 famous brands including Daheng, Allied Vision, Aide, Hikang Robot, Baidu Intelligent Cloud, Huicui, Sigg, Keenshi, Bao Mu, Kangsita, Simou Technology, Lemmai LMI, Shun Shangxin, Huarui, Fujifilm gathered at VisionChina (Shenzhen) with their new "Black Technology" products. Focusing on 3D vision, embedded vision, deep learning, artificial intelligence, 5G+ and other technologies, it presents a gluting feast of the whole machine vision industry chain for the audience.

In addition, this year, the introduction of edge vision, intelligent vision and other hot topics, invited more than 20 experts and enterprise executives, technical experts to machine vision technology and industrial application seminar, actively discuss the application of knowledge and technical difficulties. At the same time, the experience area of 5G+ machine vision + artificial intelligence technology application solution made its debut in VisionChina (Shenzhen). Huicui cooperated with Huawei'S 5G technology to set up the 5G intelligent detection application scene in the exhibition area with Haier and China Mobile, and efficiently drew and tested Haier refrigerators. The audience will have the opportunity to access cutting-edge innovative intelligent detection applications and technologies.





Zhang Zhenhua, machine vision product director of Hangzhou Haikang Robot Technology Co., LTD., said the show is the first to be held in a new pavilion. Compared with previous exhibitions, we think the overall scale of this exhibition is larger than before, and the flow of people is more than we expected. In this special period, the exhibitors are all true love customers. Although the epidemic is not over, many visitors still come to visit, and they do come with demands. We will continue to attend the Shenzhen exhibition next year!

Gan Silin, south China regional manager of Lommel (Shanghai) Trading Co., LTD., said, "This year's audience flow far exceeded our expectations and the quality was very good. Many of the customers who came to our booth were end customers that we wanted to reach, so our team was very satisfied. We will definitely attend the exhibition next year!

Electric nest live show, break through limitations, interpretation of opportunities and challenges

PCB Time corridor verifies the development and leap of Guangdong PCB industry

Chongda, Jingwang, Shenlian, Shenghong, Xingsen, Wuzhu, Guanghe, qiangda and other PCB industry brands gathered in south China PCB International Trade procurement Expo. Together with this exhibition, E-Nest broke through the limitations of traditional offline exhibitions, opened a two-way channel connecting traditional exhibitions and digital exhibition platforms, and created a "cloud" exhibition. During the exhibition period, Telenest will broadcast the whole exhibition in real time through such wonderful links as "technical discussion live", "big shots interview" and "Wonderful capture". Invited industry celebrities to participate in the interview, analyze the opportunities and challenges of industry development. The PCB time corridor at the exhibition site attracted many colleagues in the industry to stop and watch and recall the extraordinary years of GUANGDONG PCB industry for more than 40 years.





Zhang Wen, head of Shenzhen Fastprint Circuit Tech Co.,Ltd, said: The theme of South China Circuit Board International Trade Procurement Expo is very clear, facing the audience more professional. With the help of the exhibition and telenest live broadcast platform, the products of Xingsen Technology were well displayed, attracting a large number of intended customers and industry friends to come to observe. We hope to continue win-win cooperation and build a healthy industrial chain together in the future!

Worship of technology co., LTD., director of research and development for the group of yuan said: thanks to the organizers to provide us with such a good platform, the exhibition is a showcase of PCB manufacturing enterprise at home and abroad, from the audience to see the enthusiasm of the exhibitors and visit, I think 2020 south China PCB procurement fair international trade has made certain achievements. We also hope to follow the organizers have been going forever, brilliant. I hope next year's exhibition will be better and better and achieve more achievements!

Shenghong Technology (Huizhou) Co., LTD. Product Management Director Huang Haiqing mentioned: This exhibition is held under the situation of the effective prevention and control of the epidemic in China, is a rare platform and opportunity for the revitalization of the electronic industry, for the majority of merchants to show their company's new trends to the market, because the development of the electronic industry is also related to China's economic recovery, for improving the confidence of the industry is of great significance. We hope to find future partners through this exhibition, strengthen industry exchanges and interactions, and show our customers and merchants in many fields of circuit board research and development achievements. I hope the South China circuit board International trade procurement fair will get better and better.

Nearly 30 summit forums focused on 7 hot spots in the industry

To attack the bottleneck of the industry and explore the future trend

The series of forums focusing on 5G, new infrastructure and insight into the new trend of intelligent manufacturing centered on 7 major fields, such as automotive, intelligent manufacturing, wiring harness processing and connection technology, electronic industry convergence technology, machine vision, laser "intelligent" manufacturing, PCB, and nearly 30 summit forums were successfully held. At the forum, big names gathered, lips grab tongue sword, directly hit the root of industry problems, and seek common future development. The forum was full and the audience was still wanting.







The tour came again

Enjoy one-stop purchasing experience

Foxconn technology group, huawei, weaver mobile communications, byd auto, jabil, zhuhai gree, zte, TCL trump electric (huizhou), vtech, electronic communications, the new electronic, valeo, the United States and wistron, etc from the automotive, industrial, communications, medical, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, electric power, new energy and other applications in the field of visitors and to, Enjoy one-stop purchasing experience. The exhibitors in front of the booth negotiate with the audience, and the business opportunities are infinite.




At this special moment, LEAP Expo (Shenzhen Expo) in November arrived as scheduled. We would like to express our gratitude to our partners, exhibitors, industry experts, visiting groups, visitors and friends from the media who have come to the scene and continue to make progress together with us. Let's look forward to the launch of LEAP Expo 2021 at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an New Pavilion) on October 28-30, 2021.


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